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Sandy Penny, writingmuse, writer, editor, visionary"In this time of shift to higher vibrations and new levels of energy, learning to live our passion and honor our creative impulses carries us further faster than anything else we can do. I recently encountered Shaun online and knew he was one of those people who found the way to plug in to the new earth. He agreed to share some of his story and insights as a guest blogger on HeartWarp. I hope you enjoy him. I do, and check out his music as well. It's very moving, inspirational and soothing. I often listen to his music to help me get to sleep and have good dreams. He has parted the veil and become simply love."  --Sandy Penny . WritingMuse . Facilitator of HeartWarp.

Simply Love . by Shaun Michael Baran . Piano Composer

Shaun Michael Baran, Piano Composer, Musical Channel
Music wasn’t something that I pursued – music pursued me. Don’t get me wrong, I attempted to take lessons when I was younger but my heart simply wasn’t in it. I received an opportunity at 15 years old to play keyboard for band while the main guy took a summer vacation. Two things happened: 1. I found a new passion 2. When they guy came back, we took turns and then he left shortly thereafter. Lessons were something unrelated to what I was then doing. I was learning my own style. However, that was my stepping-stone.

In 2011, I invested in a concert grade upright piano and started plunking away. Funny thing is, everything felt natural and the notes and songs just kept on coming. In less than a year, I had begun my first CD entitled “Simply Love.” No training, no help, just pure feeling and being a conduit/medium for what the Great Spirit desired to give me, and which I transcribed into notes.
“Part The Veil” is actually the first song I ever wrote – at 16 years old. I decided to include it on this CD because it really is my expression towards the Father/Mother God more than anything – simple, soft, and pure. My personal favorite songs to play are “The Peace In Hope” and “Remember Her Fragrance.” When I meditated on the feeling of being “Home,” these two songs just flowed out with ease. They speak to cherishing the beauty in the Earth, having hope for the future, and staying in the present moment. 

I am touched more and more by the beauty that is held within Nature. I do love peace. I enjoy when people smile. I believe I can create my own world. I believe we can create our own world. 


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