Expansion and Contraction

Beautiful picture of magnified grains of sand, the microcosm.

William Blake: "To see a world in a grain of sand,  And heaven in a wild flower,  To hold infinity in the palm of your hand, Eternity in an hour.  

As we become more conscious of our place in the cosmos, we realize that we share this planet and the universe with untold unseen beings. And just because we don't know them yet doesn't negate their existence. We are all cosmic star dust at our very core. We can go inward to our microcosm and connect with the macrocosm of all that is and know more about our universe than is possible through science's limited external observation with our limited sensory perception. 
As we explore the universe with space craft and telescopes, we also want to know ourselves intimately through microscopes and meditation. Our body contains an active universe of swirling, moving, changing elemental energy. It takes all the elements to keep us alive, earth, wind, fire, water and space between the particles. We are a beautiful, unique universal manifestation. 
The smallest grains of sand have a larger life when magnified. The microcosm at our feet:

for more on the grains of sand: 

These are the BBC winners of the astronomical photography awards for 2011. This is the macrocosm.

Get acquainted with your own expansive and contracting nature, and know yourself better. Open your heart and you will expand astronomically. Life will truly be a HeartWarp.

With love and heart felt blessing from HeartWarp.blogspot.com.

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