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Sandy Penny, writingmuse, writer, editor, visionary"In this time of shift to higher vibrations and new levels of energy, learning to live our passion and honor our creative impulses carries us further faster than anything else we can do. I recently encountered Shaun online and knew he was one of those people who found the way to plug in to the new earth. He agreed to share some of his story and insights as a guest blogger on HeartWarp. I hope you enjoy him. I do, and check out his music as well. It's very moving, inspirational and soothing. I often listen to his music to help me get to sleep and have good dreams. He has parted the veil and become simply love."  --Sandy Penny . WritingMuse . Facilitator of HeartWarp.

Simply Love . by Shaun Michael Baran . Piano Composer

Shaun Michael Baran, Piano Composer, Musical Channel
Music wasn’t something that I pursued – music pursued me. Don’t get me wrong, I attempted to take lessons when I was younger but my heart simply wasn’t in it. I received an opportunity at 15 years old to play keyboard for band while the main guy took a summer vacation. Two things happened: 1. I found a new passion 2. When they guy came back, we took turns and then he left shortly thereafter. Lessons were something unrelated to what I was then doing. I was learning my own style. However, that was my stepping-stone.

In 2011, I invested in a concert grade upright piano and started plunking away. Funny thing is, everything felt natural and the notes and songs just kept on coming. In less than a year, I had begun my first CD entitled “Simply Love.” No training, no help, just pure feeling and being a conduit/medium for what the Great Spirit desired to give me, and which I transcribed into notes.
“Part The Veil” is actually the first song I ever wrote – at 16 years old. I decided to include it on this CD because it really is my expression towards the Father/Mother God more than anything – simple, soft, and pure. My personal favorite songs to play are “The Peace In Hope” and “Remember Her Fragrance.” When I meditated on the feeling of being “Home,” these two songs just flowed out with ease. They speak to cherishing the beauty in the Earth, having hope for the future, and staying in the present moment. 

I am touched more and more by the beauty that is held within Nature. I do love peace. I enjoy when people smile. I believe I can create my own world. I believe we can create our own world. 



The Power of Your Awakened Heart and Imagination

By Guest Blogger: George E. Green

  • [George is a friend and someone whose work I admire. He is definitely working with the Fifth Dimensional implementation process. I asked him to be my first guest blogger. I think you'll enjoy him. I know I do. Thanks for sticking with me through this shifting energy. Much Love . Sandy Penny]

As human beings, we have now reached a tipping point in our arc of evolution. We find ourselves as a species, beginning to recognize, have a sense of and embrace our greatest evolutionary potentials in earnest. 

Because we are in this incredible time of evolutionary challenge and opportunity, we all are being called upon to innovate, to imagine, collaborate, and create like never before. You are here to be inspired, live an inspired life and to inspire others. Period.

NOW is your time to take action, and step forward into the full manifestation of your own goals & dreams, already realized and received. If you are waiting for something or someone other than yourself then you are backing up or backing out.

This time, right here, right now is your time to dive deeply and courageously into your Heart, deeper than ever before. Call up from within yourself your greatest qualities, your vision, your brilliance and beauty, then apply them to your life and your world. This time, right here, right now is your time to become the creator you were born to be.

You have the power.

You have the power to effect truly authentic, sustainable change, to evolve and grow. You have the power to consciously upgrade and accelerate your own personal evolution, vastly improving your life and your world. Ultimately, by embracing personal change and evolution, you have the power to change OUR world for the better.

Your perception of reality and the inherent limits your perceived reality suggests are ingrained as neurological and neuro-chemical patterns, all based on your past experiences, memories, traumas and unconscious assumptions. The sum total of these elements generates what seems to be a very solid, predictable and immutable sense and experience of your reality. 

What has been discovered through advanced scientific research is that your experience of reality is actually being simulated and manufactured in your mind via your brain.  Dr. Rick Hanson explains in his book Buddha's Brain that "Your brain simulates the world - Each of us lives in a virtual reality that's close enough to the real thing that we don't bump into the furniture." 

Our new understanding that what we experience as reality is only a simulation, only our virtual reality maintained exclusively in our brains, is the foundational core awareness, principle and upgrade for any and all of our transformational practices of mindfulness and higher consciousness: 

The very nature of our reality and world, seemingly solid and immutable is actually in fact quite liquid and completely moldable to anyone desiring and willing to explore, expand and then exceed the former boundaries of what they believe to be both real and possible.
Rather than being subject to your former inner “simulation” of reality, you and many others just like you are awakening to a deeper understanding and deep inner desire to directly and consciously create your “active and mindful” state of reality. In this your “New Reality”? You reclaim your authority and your authorship of your New Story, one where you are and remain self liberated, self defined and self determined.

Through any of a variety of mindfulness practices, you can discover your new active and more authentic reality. Your new reality, constantly expanding and evolving within you, possesses a tremendous and innate inner field of infinite potential that simply awaits your own mindful direction through your awakened imagination, conscious creativity and heart felt actions. 

Why are imagination and creativity so important?

Albert Einstein once said “Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world and all there will ever be to know and understand.”

Einstein clearly understood that our ability to imagine and then create is indeed infinite. So much so that as the story goes, one evening Einstein experienced a lucid waking dream, an awakened vision where he was chasing after a beam of light across the vast expanse of the universe. Through his memory and the experiential epiphany of his lucid and waking dream he imagined and created the theory of special relativity and the one scientific formula he is most famous for: E=MC2. 

Through his awakened imagination, Einstein resolved a long standing conflict between Newtonian physics and the new physics of the 20th century. His idea, his waking dream and vision then quite literally changed the world.

Again, why are imagination and creativity so vitally important to your own life and living?

When you watch any Master, any Champion athlete, any musical Maestro or artist extraordinaire, any human being that meets then exceeds their former limits and achieves their highest vision of expression and embodiment, you are experiencing and witnessing the direct results of their Awakened Imagination, their Hearts, and their creative minds actively operating in complete unison. Period.

SO ... What powerful and important role can and does your Heart play in your awakening imagination and creativity, in authoring your new story and reality? 

Your heart is the first organ to fully form in utero and begins beating 21 days after conception.

Your heart sends more information and regulatory signals to your brain than your brain sends to your heart.

With each beat, your heart creates a powerful, pulsing and rhythmic electromagnetic field. The electrical element of your hearts field is 60 times more potent and powerful than your brain’s field and directly influences every cell and organ in your body. The magnetic element of your heart’s field is 5000 times more powerful than your brains magnetic field.

Your heart generates two point seven watts of electrical power each time it beats. With each beat, your heart generates a looping, rhythmic, pulsing rotating field of biomagnetic and bioelectric energy and information that is 12 to 24 feet in diameter and looks remarkably similar to the looping magnetic filaments of plasma and energy emitted by our Sun.

Your heart is composed of 60 to 65 percent neurological cells that are identical to your brain cells, generating the same neurotransmitters as your brain. Of that 60 to 65 percent, 40 percent of your hearts neurological cells are configured as a second, parallel nervous system that interacts with and sends regulatory information to all your organs including your brain.

Scientific research has discovered that your heart responds to information, energy and input milliseconds before that same input is actually received. Your heart responds even before your brain does. Your heart is your true center of intuitive and emotional intelligence and science now has evidence that your heart’s intelligence literally transcends both time and space.

You Have the Power.

You and many other Visionaries, Poets, Imagineers, architects and authors of millions of new stories and new worlds are awakening right now. This is your chosen moment of awakening. 

Your time is now

Your new Life awaits and requires your mindful presence, awakened Imagination and conscious creation. This moment, right here, right now is our time to begin building our new world and our new reality together today.

George E. Green is CEO and Founder of Personal Alchemy Systems and creator of the Lucid Living Training and Mentoring Experience featuring the Heart Harmonics™ and Awakened Imagination™ trainings and practice. George lives & plays in Austin Texas.

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George just wrapped two interviews with Special Featured Guests Musical Composer & Concert Pianist Barry Oser, http://www.sosoundsolutions.com and Artist Jeanne Bessette, http://bessetteart.com, both of which will be part of the class, and they each will be calling into the show live during the after class Q & A discussions ... Jeanne will be featured after class Wednesday, Barry most likely Thursday after class. Our dialogues are centered in and around how generative and powerful we are as creators when we come from our awakened hearts and imaginations.


Expansion and Contraction

Beautiful picture of magnified grains of sand, the microcosm.

William Blake: "To see a world in a grain of sand,  And heaven in a wild flower,  To hold infinity in the palm of your hand, Eternity in an hour.  

As we become more conscious of our place in the cosmos, we realize that we share this planet and the universe with untold unseen beings. And just because we don't know them yet doesn't negate their existence. We are all cosmic star dust at our very core. We can go inward to our microcosm and connect with the macrocosm of all that is and know more about our universe than is possible through science's limited external observation with our limited sensory perception. 
As we explore the universe with space craft and telescopes, we also want to know ourselves intimately through microscopes and meditation. Our body contains an active universe of swirling, moving, changing elemental energy. It takes all the elements to keep us alive, earth, wind, fire, water and space between the particles. We are a beautiful, unique universal manifestation. 
The smallest grains of sand have a larger life when magnified. The microcosm at our feet:

for more on the grains of sand: 

These are the BBC winners of the astronomical photography awards for 2011. This is the macrocosm.

Get acquainted with your own expansive and contracting nature, and know yourself better. Open your heart and you will expand astronomically. Life will truly be a HeartWarp.

With love and heart felt blessing from HeartWarp.blogspot.com.

Sandy Penny: http://writingmuse.com . http://sandypenny.com . http://writingmuse.blogspot.com

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Solar Angels Bring
Heart Energy to Earth

On September 4, 2012, I got up from my computer to get a glass of water. When I returned the purple angelic picture you see was open on my computer on the website SpaceWeather.com. It was not a photo I had downloaded, and my browser was not open when I got up. How did it open itself to SpaceWeather.com and display this photo?

Being a curious Leo and one to follow my guidance when some baffling event occurs, I looked through the website. On September 2, there was a massive Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) from the sun heading in our direction. During the period from Sept. 2-4, many photos of unusual aurora activity around the earth were photographed, and I found them at SpaceWeather.com.

The photos were taken in some places where this is a normal occurrence, but others were taken in places where it is not a normal occurrence. In the last few years, more auroras have been seen around the earth in wider ranges of locales.

Knowing that if my guides went to the trouble to open my browser and show me a photo, that something big was up, I meditated on it and was given guidance that this is angelic intervention on our planet. Many people don't understand that angels are the structural energies that hold form together. They represent themselves as beings for us to relate to, to illustrate rapport with us.

In 1978, I was meditating and received the message that Earth is being bombarded from space by energies that are raising our vibration, the planet and all beings living on the planet. When I saw that photo on my desktop, I knew this prophecy was being fulfilled. The solar angels are here to transform the planet. This is the 2012 shift that everyone is talking about. We are being restructured and invited to come along to the new 5th dimensional experience. A window of opportunity has been opened for us for the amazing experience of love.

In the 90s, I was shown a congregation of extraterrestrials, about 100 different species. They told me that they are all our friends and that they are just waiting for us to stop killing each other.

The new energy coming into the planet will not support the wars we keep waging. It is time for peace and harmony to break out all over the planet. It is time for our hearts to remember that all people have one source energy, and that we are all connected, and to harm anyone or anything is to harm ourselves. It's time to recognize and engage our compassionate, creative, cooperative nature and change the world in a really good way. If you are not doing something you love to do, it's time to make a change.

Last night in dreamtime, I was given the name HeartWarp for this blog and a book I'll be writing. So, this is the beginning of many messages of this type in name of love. Thanks for reading. My next post will be the slide show of more of these auroras from Sept. 2-4.

For more of my spiritual writings, go to MusingWithWritingMuse, my oldest blog with many archives.

Here's the youtube video I was inspired to create. Hope you enjoy all the photos and the info. Solar Angel Visits. So much is happening right now. If you need advice or input, please contact me.


Until next time. sandy penny signing off . http://sandypenny.com, http://writingmuse.com . http://simplewebclasses.com . Return to HeartWarp.com

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